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Eliminates Flute Crush / Increased Calipers / Improved Adhesive Application / Improved Adhesive Consumption / Helps Balance Moisture / Works With Existing System / Stainless Steel Construction

When QUALITY and WASTE are priorities in your production planning, the Model EZC-1 Zero Crush Bar will help you achieve both. The EZC Systems deliver consistent performance with every order.

First patented by ERIDAN as a web tension control device, the Model EZC-1 ZERO Crush Bar can provide a wide variety of applications in the corrugated industry. The EZC-1 is fabricated from durable stainless steel to provide long years of service. This system incorporates “space age” plastic pistons for quick release of adhesive during cleanups and washdowns. The rubber bladders in this equipment are made from a patented rubber and are specifically formulated to meet the conditions of this ERIDAN application. Special air pressure regulators automatically maintain constant internal pressures and prevent the need for future recalibrations.

Low system air pressures of less than 3-14 psi (0.2-1 kg/cm2) gently extend the pistons and stainless steel shoes to lightly press the singleface web against the glue roll. The common bladder guarantees that the pressure on any piston is exactly the same as all the other pistons. This means that even if the web profile changes due to flute changes, splices, or web defects, each shoe will continue to apply the same pressure during caliper and profile changes.

All of this control results in Zero Crush to the flutes. Precise, uniform pressure insures even adhesive application and moisture balance across