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Improve Quality / Improve Coating and Adhesive Application / Reduce Waste / Reduce Web Weave / Reduce Stretching / Reduce Web Breaks / Equalize Shrinkage / Reduce Warp / Eliminate Web Flutter / Improve Printability

For more than a decade ERIDAN has been respected as the leader in tension control across the web and around the world. Performance, reliability, and controllability are the hallmarks of our Model ETC systems.

The patented ERIDAN Model ETC-1,2,&3 Web Tension Control Systems automatically maintain uniform cross-machine tension on running webs. ETC-1,2,&3 systems are universal in application and can be employed with a variety of webs such as paper, film, foil, and textile.

Significant benefits for all web substrates are realized through the reduction, or complete elimination of web weave, stretching, and web breaks during machine speed changes. Printing, coating, laminating, and adhesive applications are improved because the web no longer has a loose side fluttering through the process. Even heat application will provide more equal shrinkage across the web and result in less warp in finished products.

By automatically adjusting for any changes in tension across the web, the ETC’s essentially equalize those tension imbalances. This advantage provides a considerable improvement in overall quality and a dramatic reduction in waste.

Returns on Investment are frequently reported to come in a matter of weeks. Visible quality improvements are usually seen immediately. Although other systems have been introduced to compete with the ETC-1,2,&3, none can match the performance, ease of maintenance and installation, or cost effectiveness. Around the world, our best referrals are from satisfied customers.