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Improved Bonding Quality / Faster Multi-Wall Speeds / Faster Heavy Liner Speeds / Stainless Steel Construction / On/Off/Auto Control / Motorized Valve For Positive Control / Safety Improvements Incorporated

The Model ESA-1 gives you a competitive edge in both production speed and the quality of your adhesive bonding. Performance, reliability, and controllability are the hallmarks of our Model ESA system.

The Model ESA-1 Steam Assist bar is fabricated from durable stainless steel to provide long years of service. The ESA-1 improves production speeds of multi-wall webs and heavy weight liners by introducing heat directly to the glue lines prior to bonding. This permits the adhesive to “pre-gel” by raising the BTU level of the glue line before the double backer and better insures that the adhesive will have enough heat to set, bond, and cure before reaching the cut-off end of the machine. All the safety features incorporated since this equipment was first introduced to the corrugating industry will be found in the ESA-1.

A Motor Operated Valve is activated by the machine speed switch and steam flow is controlled by a simple switch. The perforations on the bar now originate approximately 6” (15 cm) inside your maximum paper width to prevent operators from getting too close to the live steam. The bar is also constructed with interchangeable ends to permit the plant to install the Steam Assist in either a left hand or a right hand machine.

All of the performance and craftsmanship translate into higher quality, faster production speeds, lower waste, and a greater margin of safety for the plant and operating personnel.