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Use our Boiler Fuel/Paper Waste Analysis

ERIDAN International is a leading manufacturer of innovative and quality enhancing machinery for converting, printing, paper, plastic, foil, textile, and non-woven web process industries worldwide. Most of our products have been granted U.S. patents and have led the way for other companies to follow. For two decades we have endeavored to find solutions to old and new problems in process control. Our commitment is to find high quality and performance solutions to problems in process control industries and provide them to our customers at very fair prices.

We invite you to visit our website and come back often to see what’s new at ERIDAN. Please feel free to contact us directly or the representative in your region for more information about our products.

THERMOCON was built on the success of our Model EZC-1 Zero Crush Bar. The same patented technology was applied to THERMOCON to achieve unprecedented accuracy in pressure control on the corrugator hotplates.